Management Program and Warranty FollowUp

Management programs are intended for larger buildings or groups of buildings where an overview of the state of the roofs is required. Such programs are used to schedule interventions over time and to avoid having to perform unplanned work. This is the most effective tool for protecting the assets of real estate groups over the long term.

Warranty follow-up

You will benefit from a continuous service plan for the entire warranty period and after. This plan is designed to ensure the performance and durability of your investment for many years.

Warranty programs:

  1. J. Raymond Couvreur et fils Total Quality Assurance Program
    1. 5 full years of coverage
  1. Association des Maîtres Couvreurs du Québec Quality Assurance Program
    1. QAP 5+5
    2. Full term of the warranty is ten (10) years and is jointly backed by both AMCQ and J. Raymond Couvreur et fils Inc. For more information, visit
  1. Additional warranty is available from ten (10) years to twenty-five (25) years and is issued directly by the product manufacturer. Certain conditions apply depending on the manufacturer and the product.