Technical Support, Emergency Service and Preventive Intervention

Our technical support team will help you develop a better understanding of any weathertightness issues you may be experiencing and put you in a better position to make the informed decisions you need to meet your objectives. We can help you with suggestions for the most suitable methods and materials, and give you the opportunity to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the various installation, utilization and performance options.

24/7 Emergency Service

Our technicians will carry out an initial assessment based information you provide;

Our technicians have the expertise to choose the right test to investigate your problem, since different work may require different procedures. If this is the case, urgent or permanent repairs can be made with your agreement or an assessment can be quickly performed to determine the appropriate intervention.

Feel free to contact our staff at any time.
TELEPHONE 24/7: 450-430-7900 #300

Preventive Intervention

This component of our services consists in ensuring that your roofing system is performing as it should and in troubleshooting potential disasters. We will also verify that drains, ventilation, etc. on the roof are in good working order and check all sealing elements (flashing, sealants, etc.). Our professionals should carry out this preventive maintenance once or twice a year.