The Company

Joseph Raymond founded J. Raymond Couvreur Inc. in 1983, and subsequently built his company into one of the largest roofers in the greater Montreal region. Very early on, J. Raymond Couvreur Inc. became one of the most sought-after companies in the business world. In 1995, the company developed a new dynamism with the arrival of the next generation. The one-man company quickly evolved into a family run business that strove to broaden its expertise and adopt new marketing technologies. In 2011, J. Raymond Couvreur Inc. became J. Raymond Couvreur et fils Inc., and management of the company passed to Joseph’s two sons, Steve and Sébastien Raymond. This young, dynamic team and will soon be working out of brand-new headquarters.

Over the years, J. Raymond Couvreur et fils has built an enviable reputation and created lasting bonds of trust with our customers. With our focus firmly on high-quality service and intensive continuous training, and with our management team’s extensive expertise and experience, we are confident of our ability to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.


Our dedicated, qualified and experienced teams are available to provide our customers with comprehensive management solutions designed to meet the specific requirements of their roofing projects.


Our vision is to be recognized as industry specialists in managing roofing repair, renovation and construction projects for our commercial, industrial and institutional customers. We count on our partners and work teams to develop and implement the innovative solutions our customers require and expect.